Motionographer® About Love & Steadiness

Le Cube

From the creator:

“About Love & Steadiness” is a love letter to like itself, in addition to relationship dynamics that span its origins, trials, and heartfelt conclusions. By means of delicate choreography and delicate intertwining of artwork, illustration, and animation, the movie navigates us by means of this advanced emotion.

Produced by Last Frontier
Director: Santiago Oddis
Assistant Director: Agostina Carrera
EP: Fernanda Soma, Juanma Freire, Gustavo Karam
Line Producers: Sofia Arissian, Sofia Teodoro
Artwork Director: Santiago Oddis
Clear up Supervisor: Laura Desmery
Animatic: Fede Radero
Lead illustrator: Santiago Oddis
Further Illustrators: Lucas Andreu, Gianluca Patti, Bitasi Santos
Animators: Ignacio Ochoa, Facu Garcia, Juan Nacht, Yas Hanna, Agos Salvemini, Ema Knight, Cintia Czeszczewik, Carlos Carranza, Guadalupe Vyleta, Leo Dias
TD & Clear up: Carlos Carranza, Juan Nacht, Lucas Andreu, Mariangel Idiarte, Sofia Diaz, Sofia Ruocco, Augusto Cortegoso, Billy Pena, Juli Soloaga
Comp: Fer LaMattina, Adrian Mirandeborde
Music and Sound Design: Facundo Capece